catching a philly sunrise [everything was magic]

I'm not sure if I got even an hours sleep.
I remember sitting next to this river, alone, with not much else then my camera and what filled my backpack. Hours before, I was at a concert and minutes after, we drove over the bridge from Camden, NJ right into Philly.
My friend and I wandered for a bit before he took off and I asked to be left. It was nerve wracking when the point came and I watched him drive off. But then, I turned around and just smiled at the world before me. I wandered and wandered my way through the night. I got to this spot in the first photo and just sat on a bench. I smoked a bowl and dazed off into the light reflections moving throughout the rivers currents. The city sounds became nothing but background noise. Everything was mellow. I was nervous. I was scared. I was excited and I felt completely free. I drifted off for awhile on the bench. When I came back into reality, I wasn't sure if I ever actually slept, but I lost some time. I sat for awhile taking it all in. Then, I got my camera out and ready to go. Picked everything up, started walking.
No destination.
No plan.
Just go and just keep on going.
This set is the early hours into the morning and everything was magic.