but... i use to be gold....

I sat out in my thoughts watching the sunset, all the colors of the sky reminded me of everything I ever saw in your eyes. All it took was one small instant where our eyes caught one another's and you had me hooked like a drug. Through everything I've ever done, I can't seem to find a way to quit you and I don't know what's worse anymore. I don't even know up from down. I'm floating through my days trying to catch the light in search of ways to add color back into life, back into my soul. I hate you admit it, because I just wish could forget you, but you were my light in this world. You helped me see things I never thought possible. Both within myself and in just living this life. I haven't been able to find it myself and that scares me.
You were always my light and now I'm a sinking ship without you.
ft. Sam.