lost in a hole somewhere between here and -

Model: Bianca
IG: @bianca.eye

life can give death
a chance to reach me
and before,
I can do anymore damage
to myself or this world -
let my heart find whatever
that it may in search of.

Always feel like I'm caught in a dream, like a purgatory and everything - good or bad - feels the same.
It's like I'm forever sleeping even in waking life. It's like part of my soul disappeared, or maybe it's always been missing, I can't remember anymore.
I've been stuck in the middle of one long wave with no break in sight.

Lost somewhere in a hole; these nightmares, they're speaking to me in tongues. I'm riding on the wave watching the sky turn to fire. Asking myself, "do I want to make it out of here to see the light?" I'm just not sure if I'm up to being saved, because hell - it feels like home.

I've been getting these visits in the night and I've been speaking to the dead, they've been keeping me from completely unraveling. They've been reminding me that I still have more time left in a world that keeps throwing me away.
I'm ready to feel all of this.

It's in the places that we fear the most,
where we truly find out who we are.

That our darkness becomes our light.