you were the perfect storm

featuring Greg aka the color 42

“ These are the seasons of emotion,
and like the winds, they rise and fall. ” 
― Led Zeppelin


  • I shot these photos loosely based on the moods and feelings inspired from the photography of Bob Sala.
    + the book, “Life After God” by Douglas Coupland has been a favorite read of mine for too many years and is always a favorite to quote.
    + the paintings, photos and several other things you can see throughout this set are all other artworks that I’ve made.
    + the quotes and scribbles written all over the note papers are parts of lyrics from songs written by the featured model.
    + a lot of the objects and decorations were actually made to help along with the story line of these photos.
    + At some point in the middle of shooting, Greg turned to me and said, “dude, I feel like you’re literally just photographing my depression.” It’s random but one of the coolest things that I’ve personally heard. Maybe, it was all just a part of the moment.